Citizen’s Advisory Committee

An important preliminary step to developing a strong relationship with the Stockton community is the formation of a Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) to help design projects, and to assure the community’s commitment to the project.

The mission of the CAC should be to bring together people throughout the community in the beauty of growing healthy vegetable gardens, to practice and teach principles of economic and ecological sustainability, and to train families how to provide themselves with high quality, healthy and affordable food.

On February 2, 2010, PUENTES welcomed a highly qualified group participate in the Citizen’s Advisory Committee for our Stockton CSG Project.

Current CAC members are:
  • Paula J.  Davis
  • Patricia Miller-Battiste (CAC Chair)
  • Rey Ledesma
  • Dale Sanders
  • Eric Firpo
  • Eleazar Caballero
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